To the Boat Basin and Back

Training can start to feel obligatory it seems. I wasn’t excited about another early Saturday long run alone. Good thing I had Pieter to motivate me to meet up with the Prospect Park Track Club for the 8am run. Many of us planned to run the same distance and it was nice to have a … Continue reading

The Sights of Prospect Park

Nearly getting hit by a bicyclist careening down the hill was nothing. On my way up the hill, I was pretty sure I saw a man leaning on the log with a “lady of night” kneeling in front of him. On my way back down, I was sure. I said the them “I’m going to … Continue reading

Crazy Loops All Around the Park

My run for today was one of the key workouts of the week, 2 miles at Marathon Pace with half mile recoveries, 3 times over. I didn’t want to run on the streets because of the “ozone alert” so I went to the park thinking the tree respiration would help clear the air. Don’t know … Continue reading