…And sometimes you do the best you can.

I ran the 2010 ING NYC Marathon the best I could last Sunday and that’s all my Mom wanted me to do. It’s incredible the way life lessons can finally be learned over a lifetime.  It’s taken me 32 years to understand why my Mom was right.  And it’s funny that an athletic endeavor really … Continue reading

You run and you try to do your best…

For me, my best yesterday, my first marathon, was 3 hours 16 minutes 38 seconds – a pace of 7 minute 30 second miles for 26.2 miles.  I am extremely happy with this result.  To put it in perspective, I came in 2217th place out of 44,829 finishers putting me in the top 5%.  I … Continue reading

The Last 10 Miles

Today I ran the last 10 miles of the Marathon with the Prospect Park Track Club. Next week, after 16 miles, I will be running it again  – with my Mom. And I will be running with all of the people who are supporting me. Also running with me in Mile 16 will Peter & … Continue reading

On the Waterfront

A warm spell – Indian summer – here in Brooklyn. Truly wasn’t sure what I was running today, but knew I wanted to run on the waterfront in Red Hook. I never meant to run fast this being the recovery/taper time, but after the first mile I was nicely warmed up. Heading up the park … Continue reading

Almost to Marathon: The Taper!

It’s been 5 months since the Brooklyn Half-Marathon and the official start of training for the Marathon. Months of training are behind me, miles of road has passed beneath my feet. My body has held together this far. Finally, now is the time to relax, to recover, to get these muscles, these bones, this Pegleg … Continue reading

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