…And sometimes you do the best you can.

I ran the 2010 ING NYC Marathon the best I could last Sunday and that’s all my Mom wanted me to do. It’s incredible the way life lessons can finally be learned over a lifetime.  It’s taken me 32 years to understand why my Mom was right.  And it’s funny that an athletic endeavor really … Continue reading

You run and you try to do your best…

For me, my best yesterday, my first marathon, was 3 hours 16 minutes 38 seconds – a pace of 7 minute 30 second miles for 26.2 miles.  I am extremely happy with this result.  To put it in perspective, I came in 2217th place out of 44,829 finishers putting me in the top 5%.  I … Continue reading

My Goal and Why I Have One

My training for the marathon began with surgery.  On March 17th I registered for the 2010 New York City Marathon as I lay in bed recovering from having my umbilical hernia repaired.  That gave me 5 weeks of rest before starting my 6-week training plan for the Brooklyn Half-Marathon.  If I could run that in … Continue reading

33-838: Follow Me!

It’s official – Number 33-838, 2nd Wave, Orange.  Start time: 10:10 AM Follow me as I run around New York City! There are 3 ways to do it – SMS text message updates, via the interwebs, or through the mobile app. If you’re planning to watch the race from the various places around New York … Continue reading

Run, Pegleg, RUN! to the Gate!!

    Come celebrate that Pegleg can run at all!  Share your stories of Pegleg’s birthday since I don’t know most of them. Celebrate our friends at our greatest bar – see you at the Gate, Saturday October 16th starting at 2pm. Cheers! Pegleg

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