33-838: Follow Me!

It’s official – Number 33-838, 2nd Wave, Orange.  Start time: 10:10 AM

Follow me as I run around New York City! There are 3 ways to do it – SMS text message updates, via the interwebs, or through the mobile app.

Galloping in Grete's Gallop Half Marathon before Breakfast and the 2nd Half Marathon Home

If you’re planning to watch the race from the various places around New York that it meanders, I’ll be wearing my previously proven racing gear.  See photo at right.  Proudly wearing my colors (Prospect Park Track Club), red is also the official color of Gilda’s Club.  I intend to wear some tape with my name on it, but on tape so I can pull it off when I’m tired of people yelling at me and just want to run my race.  I might not wear the shades, though.  We’ll see…

The start is broken down into 3 waves (after the handcycles and the elite women who start before everyone else).  I’m starting in the second wave having registered for this race from my recovery bed on the day I had surgery (minor umbilical hernia repair, but painful).  Back then – March 17th – I still hadn’t ever even run a half-marathon.  I had no idea how long I might take.  I predicted finishing in 4 hours.  Now I’m expecting much faster (more on that later).  I have mixed feeling about my start, but am glad to be on the top of the bridge.  Here’s to hoping I don’t waste extra energy dodging crazies in costumes and flags.

Today involved a trip into the big city and the wonderful Jacob Javits Center to pick up my number, d-tag, and other running gear that I didn’t know I needed.  A rainy day in Manhattan during rush hour reminds how happy it is to live in Brooklyn.  The “festivities” were sorta stressy rather than fun, an obligation to get through, and I’m glad I did it today to get it out of the way.  After work tomorrow, all I’ve got to do is rest and eat and maybe go for a li’l jaunt on Saturday to remind myself I can move.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support!  I’ve achieved so many of the goals I set out to reach when I first started this quest 1 year ago at the Gilda’s Club Gala (where I drunkenly applied to be on the Marathon Team.  On the application there was a question: how much do you plan to raise.  I wrote $5,000, then scratched it out and wrote $10,000.  When it came time to actually set a goal for real, I went for it thinking I might not make it.  Well, look at what WE’VE DONE!)

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in all the ways that you have.  Thank you.

Mile 21 and 22 are going to be lonely – Will you run with me?

3 Responses to “33-838: Follow Me!”
  1. Lauren says:

    Good luck this weekend!! I’m working a shift tomorrow morning so hopefully I can tell you again then.

  2. Justine says:

    I would run 21 and 22 with you, but honestly I doubt I would be able to keep up. 😦

  3. Monika says:

    Hoping to “run into you” somewhere along 4th avenue in Park Slope!
    Good luck!!!

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