On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront


A warm spell – Indian summer – here in Brooklyn. Truly wasn’t sure what I was running today, but knew I wanted to run on the waterfront in Red Hook.

I never meant to run fast this being the recovery/taper time, but after the first mile I was nicely warmed up. Heading up the park slope on PPSW, I see myself suddenly running at marathon pace and I thought “Why stop now?” I decide to see how long I can keep it up while still feeling relaxed and not burning muscle.

My training would have me do a 15 miler early this week with the last 8 to 10 miles at pace. The article about taper I’m reading would never have me do that. But I needed some confidence. I needed to know set out at my race pace from the start, that I can try for my goal in the race.

I felt great and the miles just starting falling. When I found myself slowing, I’d lean forward and pick the pace back up. When I found myself in Brooklyn Bridge Park, I decided to just make a big loop though Fort Greene. Ultimately I do end up with 15 miles, but I’ve done it all at marathon pace. It felt great. And I had more in me.

Now, mentally, I am prepared. I have the confidence I need. Physically, I can do it, so long as now I let myself recover and be rested for race day. I think this was one of the most important runs of my training.

Details can be found here: On the Waterfront, Red Hook.

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