Sickly Struggle around the Park & Cemetery

Still fighting the cold, today’s workout was a 3×2 mile tempo run. And it sucked. I did a nice warm up then hit the first 2 miles of tempo feeling good. The second mile, though, was up the hill by the garden and it sapped my energy. The rest of the run was a real … Continue reading

Jaunt around the Cemetery

This frustrating post-Reach the Beach cold won’t go away. I hadn’t run for more than a week and I needed to get out. Sniffly and tired, I took this short jaunt around the Cemetery. I felt ok while running but don’t know how my cold will be later. Statistics found here: Cemetery CW – Details.

Reach the Beach 2010: Better on the Way Down

Last weekend I had the best running experience of my life. It was the most fun thing I’ve done since spending 3 months in the Patagonia backcountry over 10 years ago. The relationship, I think, is committing your whole self to a physical quest, testing your limits and achieving both an individual and team goal. … Continue reading

Reach the Beach: Leg 28 – My Third Leg

After everything I’d already done, the sunny noontime downhill 5.5 miler seemed like icing on the cake. I’d psyched myself up for this one. The last run of the race for me with a course designed for cruising, I wanted to open up and enjoy the ride. I’m glad I approached it with this mindset … Continue reading

Reach the Beach: Leg 17 – My Second Leg

I find myself at 2:45 in the morning under sparkling stars and bright moon in an open meadow at the top of a 2-mile long hill in the middle of New Hampshire.  Two thoughts quickly fly through my head: “What the hell am I doing here?” And “There’s is nowhere I’d rather be.” I run … Continue reading