Reach the Beach: Leg 6 – My First Leg

My first leg of the Reach the Beach Relay for Better on the Way Down was Leg #6. I took the week off since my long run last Sunday. My body was beginning to feel the miles. A taper to prepare for race day was in order anyway. When registering, I had estimated my pace … Continue reading

Gilda’s Club Long Run

This morning I took the subway into Manhattan for another training run with the Gilda’s Club Team. Not too many Gilda’s runners were there, but the coaches were so it was a good time to talk. We set off around the big park loop at a nice pace. My legs were feeling a little worn, … Continue reading

Third of Three in 24 hours: Commuting Home

At the end of work, I pulled a Clark Kent converting from your friendly neighborhood yogurt buyer into Pegleg the Bionic Runner. For the commute home I left work and immediately went in the direction away from home. I wanted to run at least 8 miles and ended up doing just over 9. The best … Continue reading

Second of Three in 24 hours: Commuting to Work

I ran to work. It was great. And the morning was beautiful so the run made me feel even better. I added a little extra on so I’d hit 4 miles. When I got to work, I rushed to the freezer in the basement to cool off. With no shower, I had to stop the … Continue reading

First of Three in 24 hours

To get ready for Reach the Beach next weekend, I am doing 3 runs in 24 hours. At the race, I’ll be doing 4 miles, 8 miles, and 8 miles. For practice, today I did 8 miles, tomorrow I’ll do a 4 mile run to work, and then I will run up to 8 miles … Continue reading