Gilda’s Club Long Run

This morning I took the subway into Manhattan for another training run with the Gilda’s Club Team. Not too many Gilda’s runners were there, but the coaches were so it was a good time to talk.

We set off around the big park loop at a nice pace. My legs were feeling a little worn, but we moved. Eventually we met up with the Gilda’s support team who brought us gatorade and water.

I decided to peel off and run home rather than have to ride the subway an hour after running for an hour more. The run down the Hudson was nice, a bit rainy, but feeling good. I was starting to feel a little ache in my upper thigh so decided it best to take the subway back from Borough Hall once I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge.

The run was still over 17 miles and at a nice pace, so I was satisfied with the workout. I’ve got to be sure my body is ready for the race next weekend: Reach the Beach.

For the details and maps see Gilda’s Club Long Run – Details.

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