Third of Three in 24 hours: Commuting Home

At the end of work, I pulled a Clark Kent converting from your friendly neighborhood yogurt buyer into Pegleg the Bionic Runner.

For the commute home I left work and immediately went in the direction away from home. I wanted to run at least 8 miles and ended up doing just over 9. The best part was running into Kevin (K2) by Fairway in Red Hook.

Going through the whole workout – 21 miles in 24 hours – I feel great. My pace was steady, even increasing as the runs went on individually and overall. I could run more…and it looks like I’m going to have to, too! Our team in the relay is down to 11, so 3 of us will be running 4 legs. I’m happily going to be one of them. An extra 4 miles at the very end will only make the beer that much sweeter. (orange)

For all the numbers and a map see Third of Three in 24 hours: Commuting Home – Details.

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