Sickly Struggle around the Park & Cemetery

Still fighting the cold, today’s workout was a 3×2 mile tempo run. And it sucked. I did a nice warm up then hit the first 2 miles of tempo feeling good. The second mile, though, was up the hill by the garden and it sapped my energy. The rest of the run was a real push. It didn’t feel so good and wasn’t so fun. The results were fine, but I felt like crap. I need this damn sickness to go away so I can run again. See all the numbers at Garden – Park – Cemetery Intervals – Details.

One Response to “Sickly Struggle around the Park & Cemetery”
  1. Clem Rosenberger says:

    Pete, hang in there. I’ve got you in my prayers. Hopefully you will feel better by race time. Remember this, it takes courage to conquer adversity. Just let go, enjoy and do your best!

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