Reach the Beach: Leg 28 – My Third Leg

After everything I’d already done, the sunny noontime downhill 5.5 miler seemed like icing on the cake. I’d psyched myself up for this one. The last run of the race for me with a course designed for cruising, I wanted to open up and enjoy the ride.

I’m glad I approached it with this mindset because the course, obviously, was harder than that. What looked like bumps on the elevation chart were true rollers – no mountain, but still definite rises in the road. Since I knew this was a net downhill, though, I pushed up the hills using the downs to catch my breath.

What a run. Finally I didn’t need to wear my headlamp or reflective gear. The sun was out, the temperature warm, and teams were clumping together making a festive atmosphere all around.

For me, I went all out, not needing to save my energy for anything else. The other runners ahead of me pulled me forward. I used them like rungs in a ladder, small goals to the finish.

After the last rise with the finish line in sight, Janine told me to pick off the last runner. I didn’t think I had much energy left, but managed to make a sprint for the finish. I had more gas in the tank. Maybe I could have run it faster. Regardless, I passed 23 runners and finished 5.56 miles in 37:51 – a 6:51 mile pace. And it was the icing on a big, long, hilly cake.

For statistics see Reach the Beach: Leg 28 – Details.

One Response to “Reach the Beach: Leg 28 – My Third Leg”
  1. Jon Smee says:

    Wow, dude! I am so impressed and in awe. This is really inspiring. Really happy for you. This sounds like a transformative experience. I think it just might inspire me do the tri-ath i’ve always wanted to do…

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