The Sights of Prospect Park

Nearly getting hit by a bicyclist careening down the hill was nothing. On my way up the hill, I was pretty sure I saw a man leaning on the log with a “lady of night” kneeling in front of him. On my way back down, I was sure. I said the them “I’m going to be coming by here 10 more times in the next 30 minutes so you can take that however you want.” When I turned up again 2 minutes later, they looked somewhat surprised and decided to heed my advice and find a better place for their hankypanky.

Steps later, though, BLAMMO! Another guy just off the trail with his shorts down dropping trou in the woods. I wanted to tell him where the bathroom facilities were but since it was on the way up I had to hurry by. Phew! That would have been enough for the day even without the bicyclist careening around the blind curve who nearly ended my whole marathon training effort! I didn’t think running was this dangerous.

Alas, 6 hill repeats of 2 minutes, a good workout after yesterday’s uneventful jaunt around the park. I forgot my whole reason for being here with so many things to see!

For the silly looking maps and charts and graphs, see Prospect Park Hill Repeats – Details.

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