Late Summer on the South Brooklyn Waterfront

Finally an easy run that I made myself run easily, except that I got kinda hungry. I wanted to enjoy myself on a down kind of day, feeling the end of summer around the corner. The run became an old fashioned explore of the kind I used to run during and after my Mom was sick. Today I went past the cemetery towards Pegleg’s Birthplace and went well beyond.

Past Owl’s Head, I stuck to the cost running along New York Harbor – beautiful in the late afternoon light. The bridge loomed overhead, a massive sculpture that will be the start of the marathon in a few weeks.

I tried to get across the highways but couldn’t get past the active Army fort at the bridge’s base. These soldiers keep making my runs longer.

When I finally made it past, I hoped to run through the massive park in Dyker Heights forgetting it’s actually a massive gold course. Thwarted again, I headed for home running through all kinds of neighborhoods lining 16th avenue to Cortelyou. I made it home just before dark. I enjoyed my relaxing, slow half marathon. (orange)

Maps and stats are at Hospital – Owls Head – Verrazano Straits – 16th Ave – Details.

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