Back to the Beach

I took it easy this week to recover from my sub-7 minute 10 miler which was a little harder to do than I had hoped. My training schedule had a few extra weeks built in so I thought this would be a good week to take off as my body rebuilt, I felt good, and I avoided running during the cold, crappy rain.

Now the weather is beautiful again, low humidity, warm temperatures and sun. To top it off, I left work early and came to the beach. I was compelled to take a late afternoon run back here at the beach. I’m glad I did.

I kept my mind off my digital navigational device because this was an “easy” run. Listening to my body with no expectations was my goal. A glance every now and then kept me motivated and I checked the heart rate a few times but for the most part it was me and the road. At times it felt more like a moving sidewalk, a great run though my body will enjoy doing nothing on the beach today. (black)

For the big statistics see Back to the Beach – Mantoloking Inland Loop Connect – Details.

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