How far to that jetty across the inlet?

A happy morning this morning, August 10, 2010 – Merv’s 64th Birthday!

Before breakfast I set off on what was planned to be a pleasant run up to the point in Point Pleasant. I left open the possibility of turning the 7 mile out and back into more if I was feeling good.  Of course I was feeling good.

I got the north end of Barnegat Island but felt like running more. 500 feet across the inlet is a jetty reaching out from Brielle on the next barrier island to the north. That was a worthy goal so I set off hugging the coastline figuring eventually I’d find a bridge.

Crossing over, the course followed a nice marshland, a wilderness conservation area in fact. Eventually I got to the boardwalk and beach in Brielle, headed south and found the jetty. I managed to get myself to stop running and carefully hopped along the rocks out to the end. That was the 7th mile where I turned around.

Around mile 10 as I recrossed the bridge back to Barnegat Island I was overtaken by the joy of running. It just happens sometimes, I don’t know why. My heart rate was good, my pace was good, my body felt good. There was no reason to stop.

Another great “easy” run. That was fun.

For a map and details see Mantoloking to Brielle Point via Point Pleasant – Details.

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