Vacation! Mantoloking and Point Pleasant Long Run

Morning run on vacation! 16 miles was the plan. I mapped out my route beforehand hoping not to get lost in the Jersey suburbs away from the coast. The route was about 13.5 so I’d need to add some distance onto the end when I got back to the barrier island.

A new kind of run lugging a camelbak for the first time. Being so bionic was’t so fun. I’m turning into one of those geared up runners I never wanted to be. But it was necessary out here in the land of cars and no parks.

The run planned was a progression meaning with 30 minutes left I picked up the pace to Marathon Pace + 20 seconds for 10 minutes or 1.5 miles. 20 minutes left I kicked up 10 more seconds to MP+10. The the final 10 minutes turned on to Marathon Pace. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it, especially since I hadn’t been holding back in the early miles, but turns out I could. I had to work at end but recovered quickly and felt great when I jumped into the sea.

See a map and the details at Mantoloking Long Loop Progression – Details.

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