The Longest Long Run

Here it is: the longest long run of my training. The longest long run of my life until now.

Mike and I set out for 28 miles, meeting in Prospect Park at 7:15. Our plan was to run 6 or so miles before meeting the Prospect Park Track Club at 8 am. Many people have a 22 mile run for their training plans today. We’d run with them for our last 22.

The weather was beautiful and the running amazing. There was some strong winds around, though, which we discovered as soon as we hit the waterfront. It was my idea to go counterclockwise as I was considering when and where the water fountains were. Unfortunately I hadn’t thought about which way the wind was blowing! It was directly in our face.

As we circled the coast, at each bend we thought the wind would shift to our sides yet it always seemed to blow straight into our faces. Finally rounding the bend at the bridge, the wind had to shift. Nope, the stongest gusts so far funneled through the narrows, water blew off the harbor, dirt blew off the path, we had to lean forward so far just to stay upright. It was hard but at least it made up for the lack of hills on our route.

The climb back up the hill near the cemetery was hard for me, I think because I knew how hard that hill usually is. But once back in the Park, it was cruise control again. Downhill to home where I took a shower, put my legs up, and enjoyed breakfast in bed.

A quick nap, then off to The Gate for my big fundraiser: Run, Pegleg, RUN! to the Gate!!

BTW – I lost a half mile of data on the Coney Island Boardwalk when I forgot to reset my watch.  My total mileage was 29 miles even though the chart only shows 28.52.

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