The Dog Days of Training

For a few weeks, all my efforts were focused on running and raising money for Gilda’s Club.

After a long, physical day of work at the Park Slope Food Coop, I’d come home and quickly change into my running gear and hit the pavement. Computer time was spent making posters for my fundraiser, thanking my supporters and the generous people who made my event at The Gate so successful.

Emotionally, it became harder and harder to get out and run. I was so excited about my runs early on, I now understand this dimension of over-training – losing the drive. Fortunately I had the Prospect Park Track Club with me on many weekend long runs and running friends to share my woes with. Most of all, though, it was the people who are supporting me and my quest to support Gilda’s Club that gave me the energy to run when all I wanted to do was rest. Thanks for looking out for me even if you didn’t know you were.

Miles were logged and here are the details of the final set of build-up workouts:

October 4th, 2010: Ave. J Loop, shortened – First run after the big race on the weekend. I seem to have slightly twisted my ankle and am worried about it. This was a test which I cut a bit short as things didn’t feel great. Hope all is well.

October 5th, 2010: Cemetery CW – Iced the ankle and went for a tempo run, carefully, around the cemetery. I need to keep logging the miles. Finished fine. Hoping for continued health.

October 7th, 2010: Brooklyn Coast Evening Intervals – I’m going to a wedding this weekend so I won’t be able to do the run that’s on the plan. The midweek run called for 5 2-mile intervals at marathon pace with a half mile recovery in between. I knew I needed to get this run in. Unfortunately I didn’t start until 5:40 PM. Turns out it get dark around 6:30 now so most of this run was in the dark. And in the dark in the middle of nowhere! The stretch between the Verrazano and Coney Island certainly is desolate. Picking my way through the wasteland, I did make it back to Ocean Parkway. Still miles from home, I decided to add another interval, doing 6 total 2-mile intervals at marathon pace. I did it. It was hard, but, ultimately, a success.

October 10th, 2010: Turkhannock Loop along the Susquehanna – Beautiful run on a cool Pennsylvania morning after going to Molly and Zach’s wedding. The hills were reminiscent of New Hampshire. Map can be found here.

October 11th, 2010: Cemetery – Park – Garden CW – I didn’t have the long-run I should have over the weekend so went for this loop right away on Monday. Nothing special. Protecting the ankle, logging miles, doing what I need to do to get ready.

October 12, 2010: Parade Grounds Speedwork – It’s getting hard getting out there. I know I need to keep running, but it’s just been so long. For a break today I decided to do a little speedwork. Instead of riding all the way to the track, I decided to run on the soccer fields at the Parade Grounds. It was a fun, good choice in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, my first lap I ran turning to the left putting pressure on my ankle in the way it doesn’t want it. Now I’ve got to ice it again and rest as much as I can afford. I was able to complete the workout, though, just running the other way for the last 3 intervals.

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