The Whole Southern Coast

It turns out the barrier island is actually a barrier peninsula – Barnegat Peninsula. Clearly I needed to run to the end, or at least the end of civilization. The very southern end of Barnegat Peninsula is the undeveloped Island Beach State Park.  Just before is Seaside Heights and Seaside Park – otherwise known as the set for “Jersey Shore, otherwise known as “the end of civilization.”

This was also the end of my vacation run so I wanted to enjoy it and take advantage of my time. I set off thinking it’d be 10 miles one way for a 20 mile trip. It turned out to be 24 miles – close enough. The terrain was flat so I knew I could go as far as I wanted.

It was a pleasant run. I started a little late so things got a little hot, the crowds started to arrive on the return trip but having people around to look at is fun. I did see the camera men for Jersey Shore and a long line of true Jersey Shore folks waiting to sign their release forms so they, too, can be a part of history…look for a guy wearing a heart-rate monitor with a rosemary tattoo on his chest blazing by. That’s me.

Not quite a marathon today, but almost did just so I could know I can. Next time.

For a map and all the numbers see: The Whole Southern Coast Out&Backt – Details.

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