I never wanted to run a marathon but I will for my Mom, for Gilda’s Club and for You

Disney World Driving with Mom

I never wanted to run a marathon because I love running too much.  I knew I could run that far but I did not want to hurt myself proving it.  Then I got hurt – hit by a car outside my house, left unconscious, bleeding in the street with a shattered leg.  That was 7 … Continue reading

I run for Gilda’s Club

When you learn someone you love has cancer, or maybe it’s you, it’s daunting.  It’s complicated.  It’s scary.  And really sad. I would never have found Gilda’s Club on my own.  I would never have found a group.  I’d have talked a lot about my anxiety to everyone who’d listen, though.  Like at the bar … Continue reading

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    July 2010
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