Why I’m Pegleg

“The time has come, To talk of many things: Of rods–and pins–and surgeries–of how Pegleg came to be…” Excerpted from the Peglog: The warm, misty weather was odd for a Sunday night in early winter. It was the 7th of January, seven days after my birthday and seven months since Mom died. On New Year’s … Continue reading

Grete’s Gallop 1/2 Marathon, Breakfast, 1/2 Marathon Home

Today’s run was like none that I’d ever run before. Finally mostly over the sinus attack, time for a race! My Reach the Beach cohort Mike was running the Grete’s Gallop 1/2 Marathon in Central Park (a common tune-up for marathoners) then running home to Brooklyn. This sounded like a good idea to me. Having … Continue reading

Sickly Struggle around the Park & Cemetery

Still fighting the cold, today’s workout was a 3×2 mile tempo run. And it sucked. I did a nice warm up then hit the first 2 miles of tempo feeling good. The second mile, though, was up the hill by the garden and it sapped my energy. The rest of the run was a real … Continue reading

Jaunt around the Cemetery

This frustrating post-Reach the Beach cold won’t go away. I hadn’t run for more than a week and I needed to get out. Sniffly and tired, I took this short jaunt around the Cemetery. I felt ok while running but don’t know how my cold will be later. Statistics found here: Cemetery CW – Details.

Reach the Beach 2010: Better on the Way Down

Last weekend I had the best running experience of my life. It was the most fun thing I’ve done since spending 3 months in the Patagonia backcountry over 10 years ago. The relationship, I think, is committing your whole self to a physical quest, testing your limits and achieving both an individual and team goal. … Continue reading

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